Well-Served Libation

Proper pouring techniques can make or break an experience at a restaurant or bar. Beverage is not always fussy but if the proper steps aren’t taken a beautiful bottle of rare and pricey wine can seem like an unmemorable experience. Beverage has a generous spirit, so if you make a small effort, it will reward you with a rich and memorable experience.

Checklist for Well Served Drink

  1. Beverage at proper temperature, think cold beer and hot coffee as rule of thumb
  2. Correct glass wear for type of drink and occasion, think beer mug vs. wine glass
  3. Proper pour technique, pouring draft beer vs. strained cocktail
  4. Clean and properly rinsed bar tools at all times as a prerequisite
  5. Proper expectation of customer. Explain drink if the drinker has never tried what you are serving them.

If you stick to these basic principles of beverage service you will be rewarded by higher customer experience and usually higher gratuity averages. Sure you can grab a beer or wine, open it and place it on a table, but if you take the proper time present it beautifully the guest experience can be magnified. Understanding the mood, cuisine type, occasion, holiday, or even things like weather can help any bartender cater there beverage recommendations to a patron. Have fun with it and always remember that a little effort goes a long way.

Experiences are today’s social currency.


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