Strategic Beverages Sales

As a beverage supplier understanding your retailer’s goals, strategies & tactics is an important aspect of building a strong and successful partnership. The goal should be a desired result or specific measurable achievement for your brand. Build your strategy for your accounts or distributor by following these 5 steps.

5 Steps to Selling Beverage

  1. Identify the buyer influencer Types
    1. I.C.E: Decision Maker, Influencer, Coach, End User
  2. Identify the degree of influence for each of your buyer types
    1. High – Medium – Low
  3. Identify red flags and where you can leverage strength
    1. Reassess your situation and identify trouble before it finds you
  4. Identify the buyer response modes
    1. Growth mode, Trouble mode, even keel mode, overconfident mode
  5. Identify and prepare individual win/results statements for each of your buyer types
    1. Results – Corporate goals that are tangible and measurable
    2. Wins – Personal goals that are intangible

You have to strategies or plan to bring out a desired future objective for your sales call.

Affability of a natural born salesman.


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