Do you know BEER?

Despite beer being the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the world, it’s surprising how little most people know about it. For lot beer consumers even the most basic concepts and ingredients are unknown or fuzzy at best. While a group of beer geeks and even those that are beer enthusiast, understanding what ingredients and processes brewers are using is becoming more and more publicly available. Beer is complicated beverage that many say is more intricate then wine itself. I am not going to go into depth on brewing techniques but I am going to discuss the basics of what makes beer, beer.

To understand beer you have to study the ingredients that are in a beer. There are manly three ingredients that make almost every beer. The first water, Beer is mostly water and an important factor of the final taste of the beer. Water minerals being more flavors to beer, the ions are chemically active and have an important effect on the brewing process. The second is barley, or malted barley. It is the perfect grain for brewing because of its large reserve of starch and a husk that makes it a perfect natural filter. There are two types of Barley, the least expensive six row hops and the more attractive two row hop. After kilning, malts can give the beer its roasted flavors, sweetness and color. Lastly there are hops, which come in hundreds of varieties from all over the world. Hops offer bitterness and different aromas and flavors like grapefruit and citrus to the beer. And did I mention it acts like a natural preservative.



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