Deconstruct your Drink

Ever thought what’s in your drink that makes it look, smell, and taste the way it does? Every sensation found in a glass of beverage has its origins made during the manufacture of the wine, beer or spirit. It is the bartender or mixologist that converts those profiles into a distinct and balanced drink. To understand your beverage, you have to analyze it. So here is a guide to deconstructing your drink:

Aroma: Derived from ingredients within the cocktail, wine, beer, etc

Head: From the medium-length proteins present in malt, such as wheat, oats, and rye as well as shaken cocktail.

Color: From ingredient skin, malting, aging or kilning process.

Carbonation: Carbon Dioxide (Co2) gas, a byproduct of fermentation by yeast.

Body and Mouthfeel: Proteins from ingredients. Think consistency of water vs Guinness.

Flavor: Derived from All the aspect of brewing or distilled spirits along with any ingredients added to cocktail, beer or wine.

Alcohol: More ferment-able material or sugar means more alcohol, along with everything else.


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