How do you Coffee?

COFFEE? It is so synonymous with our everyday lives that the word itself has can used in the form of a question, a mood or attitude towards your day. For most of us it is the first thing that we consume when we wake up in the morning and drink throughout the day as needed. The obsession of coffee was evident by the rapid expansion and domination of beverage by the Starbucks Company. There are literally catty corner Starbucks on nearly every metropolitan street in the United States.

Is American addicted to this beautiful brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans, which are the seeds of berries from the coffea plant? I believe so! Coffee has become as much of our popular culture in our daily lives as the internet. Since the early days of import coffee has dominated the shipping and agricultural landscape, today it is the largest exported agricultural product in the world. Coffee is native to tropical Africa, Madagascar, the Comoros, Mauritis, and Reunion in the Indian Ocean yet it is harvested all around the world because of how lucrative the crop is.

Coffee has transformed over the years and the use of highly sophisticated machines, cold brews, steeping machines has elevated the flavor profile of coffee. Local and regional coffee roasters have emerged and communities of coffee aficionados have given way to the barista at Starbucks who was working part time for some extra beer money. I highly encourage you to indulge and seek out some artisanal coffee roasters and brewers to understand how the true beauty of this magical bean is supposed to be used.

No rest for the wicked.


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