Who is your consumer?

So you want to open a bar, or start a new beverage company but don’t know how to market to your audience. In this blog I will discuss the basics of understanding your target demographic and how to gather Intel and ultimately create more buzz around your product. While I’m not a “marketing guru”, I have been in the beverage industry long enough to walk you through how to create perceived value for your new brand.

First things first, what the heck are you selling? Is it a spirit, beer, wine, non-alcoholic, sports bar concept, mixology driven bar and so on. If you do not create a clear and understandable message for your consumer they will never be able to figure out what they can gain from your product. An important aspect of your brand, is knowing who is going to be your customer or in fancy terms who is your target market. Understanding who you are marketing to is vital to success.

To gather data you can buy very expensive reports like IRI and consumer metrics online but for a small startup that is unreasonable. I think the best way to gather Intel is to talk to your consumers first hand. While this seems elementary, I have witnessed other brands turn a blind eye when it comes to hand selling and customer interaction. The best rule of thumb of inspect what you expect from your brand and don’t always follow what the reports tell you because creating the next best beverage is a lot of luck, a little bit of good timing and a great tasting product.

Don’t think, Feel.


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