Legal Marijuana Vs. Alcohol

A recent consumer poll compiled by Outco and Monocle Research found that many twenty something, post-legalization are switching from beer to marijuana. The company interviewed 2,000 consumers in seven California cities to build their conclusion and approximately one out of every three people are preferring marijuana over beer. While this number is only segmented to the residents in the ever progressive state of California, one has to ponder as a beverage professional, will this affect alcoholic beverage revenue in the foreseeable future nationwide?

Well many professionals I have spoken with are optimistic that marijuana will not affect our bottom line but studies like the one from Moncle Research prove otherwise. Furthermore surveys conducted by states where medical marijuana is legal reported declines in alcoholic consumption. And the poll question of whether marijuana is safer than alcohol has become controversial, what do you think is safer while of course many argue that neither are safe. Polling data finds that most Americans believe that marijuana is far less harmful to your health than alcohol.

So while the numbers are staggering and the alcoholic industry is taking notice, I do not see the marijuana industry capsizing the American spirit that inherently enjoys their cold beer, wine or spirit anytime in the near future. So no matter what your preferences are, or if you do not have a preference at all, remember to enjoy your recreational time responsibly!

“Alcoholic beverages are inherently American”


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